Made for the Godot Wild Jam #25

WASD to move

E to Interact

Enter to Attack

Space to use special ability if unlocked

Made by Neverknow247 and wolfenrahd

We weren't able to finish in time to test so we apologize if it is buggy.

We are going to update it after the rating period ends.

Take the south road for best experience


We have found a few bugs. Avoid the following for the best experience:

1: Do not walk immediately south of the starting house. There is a bug that will Teleport you to the final boss

2: Do not take the road east or west out of town. The level change system bugged out and loops you back


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Nice artwork but gameplay needs work. Enemies are weak and there is no advantage in actually defeating them, so will be skipped by anyone like me


Thank you for the feedback. We plan on adding incentive for killing the enemies in the future. Thank you for playing!


that toilet is pretty THICC! The game is nice, I liked the aesthetics and the fact that you can customize your player at the start! My only complaint would be not enough feedback when fighting enemies.

Thank you for the feedback! We plan on finishing the game and we are definitely going to balance the combat. Let me know if you find anymore of the toilets!